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4th International Meeting on Well-Being
and Performance in Clinical Practice.

WELLMED Drama Morning

Discover the actor within: Greek drama is not about performing. It is about discovering alternative ways of expressing ourselves. Get ready to get outdoors and discover the hidden WELLMED treasure!

Discovering Greek Wine Making

Since 1981 the Domaine Gerovassiliou has been active in the cultivation and making of wine. Just a few kilometers outside Thessaloniki, this modern winery, in which the well-known wines of Domaine are produced, is surrounded by a carefully tended vineyard. New technological advances blend well with tradition throughout vine growing and vinification processes. Domaine Gerovassiliou is open to all wine lovers and anyone wishing to get to know the world of wine and agriculture. Visits comprise a short walk around the vineyard, a tour in the wine-production, bottling and ageing areas, and of course the Wine Museum situated at the heart of the winery. Be prepared for a unique wine tasting experience in the special wine-tasting rooms, while enjoying a spectacular view to the Domaine’s vineyard.

St Patrick meets Socrates Quiz night

This is one of the most famous WELLMED traditions, where Irish traditions blend with Socratic wisdom, and…alcohol.

Conference Party

Fusion of the traditional Greek glenti with vintage Disco music!

Cruise to Mount Athos- Sunday May 17th 2020 (optional)

A cruise to Mount Athos is an amazing experience of a lifetime! A fabulous opportunity to feel the spiritual aura of this seductive place and admire the magnificent architecture of the Byzantine monasteries along with the majestic landscape surrounding them.

Mount Athos is one of the most popular cruising destinations in Greece and every summer attracts so many visitors from the entire globe. Even if you don't care about the deeper meaning of the significance of this mysterious and miraculous place which has been for centuries the center of Orthodoxy, you should at least let yourself enjoy a unique sight of the monasteries which are build in beautiful unspoiled natural settings and have been facing the Aegean sea for over ten centuries. Our cruise to Mount Athos heads to the southwest side of the Athos peninsula.

The whole experience of the cruise to Mount Athos is unique. For approximately 40 minutes until we come across the first monastery, the visitor can admire the miracle of nature that is untouched by the human hand. Unique beaches and wild beauty of green, mountain, ravines and steep cliffs. The first monastery we come across is the Monastery of Dochiariou and then the Monastery of Xenophontos, the Monastery of Panteleimon (Russian), the Monastery of Xeropotamou, Daphne (port), the Monastery of Simonopetra, the Monastery of Osiou Gregoriou, the Monastery of Dionysiou, the Monastery of St. Paul and the sketes, New Skete and Agia Anna. And if all of these are not enough for you, our cruise is not ends here...You can feed the seagulls or enjoy a company of dolphins sailing with us under our bow and if you are lucky enough you will spot one of the 2-3 Mediterranean monk seals living here, leaving you with precious moments and lasting memories. During our way back you have enough time to drink a cold refreshment or a glass of ouzo with Greek appetizers

*Note. In case of rain, an alternative or a refund will be offered.

Βreaking Barriers in Health Care

Master Class: Coaching and Mentoring in Health Care


  • Members of our WELLMED network include:

    Individual experts will challenge existing views and audience beliefs, in a topic of their choice, in a non-conventional format.

    Tessa Richards, BMJ Senior Editor - Patient Partneship

    Aneez Esmail, University of Manchester, UK

    Charles Vincent, University of Oxford, UK

    Jane Lemaire, University of Calgary, Canada

    David Bates, Editor Journal of Patient Safety, USA

    Bryan Sexton, Duke University Health System, USA

    Hardeep Singh, Houston VA Health Services, USA

    Ronald M. Epstein,University of Rochester Medical Center, USA

    Kevin Eva,University of British Columbia, Canada, Editor in Chief, Journal of Medical Education

Keynote Speakers

Christina Maslach, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Michael West, Lancaster University, UK, Head of Thought Leadership, The King's Fund

Liz Salmi, citizen scientist, Strategist @opennotes, USA

Ricky Munday, Everest summiter and founder of Inspire Alpine, UK

Ciarán O'Boyle,RCSI Centre for Positive Psychology and Health, Ireland

Please visit our website regularly, for updates on our invited speakers!